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August 30, 2018 2 min read

morning breakfast

You wake up. You shut off your alarm and groggily roll out of bed. You slowly make your way to the washroom to start your morning routine, hating more than anything that you’re awake.

Sounds painful

Why not start your morning off with a few laughs?

Here are the 5 funniest podcasts to listen to while you get ready in the morning.

1. Monday Morning Podcast

The title alone makes it sound perfect for anyone who isn’t a morning person. It’s basically just Bill Burr rambling and ranting about different topics each week, which in itself is already pretty funny. His edgy comedy and harsh Boston accent will definitely wake you up.

2. Song Salad

The two naturally funny hosts, Shannon and Scott, randomly choose one musical genre and one Wikipedia article. First, they explain everything you need to know – and everything you didn’t – about the music genre. Then they read the Wikipedia article with added commentary. Then, obviously, they combine the two and write a song about the article in that genre of music. And, obviously, it’s hilarious.

3. Lovett or Leave It

If you’re someone who spends their morning catching up on current events, you’ll probably like this one. Host Jon Lovett asks comedians and journalists to join him on his live show, broadcast in front of an audience, to discuss, play games, and take quizzes about whatever insanity is happening in the world.

4. How Did This Get Made?

This one’s for movie lovers. Everyone has undoubtedly seen a bad movie and turned to their friends to ask “how is this real?” Well, this podcast is exactly that. The three hosts watch awesomely terrible movies each week and then rip them apart on their show. If you’ve ever watched a movie for the sole purpose of making fun of it, this is right up your alley.

5. 2 Dope Queens

This podcast is half standup show, half discussion, and totally, undeniably entertaining. Hosted by Jessica Williams and Phoebe Robinson, they also feature comedians from all backgrounds and walks of life so it’s pretty hard not to relate to their comedy. Not to mention this podcast keeps getting named one of the best podcasts of the year!