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December 18, 2018 2 min read

At this time of year, many of us go a little nutty with all the hustle and bustle. People often succumb to overwhelming pressure to wrap up work in the office, decorate our homes in festive fashion and find “the perfect gift.” And don’t get us started on family obligations.

Yet, it’s not impossible to alleviate holiday stress.

  1. Don’t let anything interfere with your morning routine.Fine, maybe you need to wake up an hour earlier - but if 15 minutes of yoga facing the sun and a quick read of the Morning Brew is your thing - keep doing it. The sense of normalcy will help your brain and body face anything the day throws at you.
  2. Make time for exercise.It doesn’t need to be an hour at the gym - but 15 minutes on your elliptical or skipping rope for 10 - will do MIRACLES for your brain. Using short bursts of energy are known to increase focus, memory, and actual boost necessary hormones like dopamine, to keep you operating at 100%.
  3. RememberYOUR LIFE is YOUR OWN. Families are great because they can be so supportive - but they also tend to put a lot of pressure on during holiday events. Remember, just because your cousin is finishing her PHD and your brother just had his third kid - your life is right for you, no matter what Aunt Susan says.
  4. Don’t skip night time face care. Wash the grime of the day down the drain, hydrate your skin before you sleep - and know the holidays are not here to stay.

Good luck!

(And if you need gift ideas - check out our gift guidehere!)